Is Affiliate Marketing Halal? A Comprehensive Guide For 2023

Is Affiliate Marketing Halal_ A Comprehensive Guide For 2022

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online today.

It is considered to be the best way to earn passive income without having to do much work.

But is affiliate marketing halal? What is the difference between affiliate marketing and traditional business? Is affiliate marketing a good source of revenue? And why are some people saying that affiliate marketing is haram?

Let's find out.

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Is affiliate marketing halal?

Absolutely, affiliate marketing is halal because it’s a simple business model entirely permissible in Islam. Because affiliate marketing is legit, so you have nothing to worry about if you follow Islam.

As long as you are not using borderline marketing strategies (haram affiliate marketing) and want to add value to your audience, you can make money with affiliate marketing.

In short, every business model always has halal and haram sides. Whether it’s marketing, online or physical, every business opportunity has these sides.

To let you know, the affiliate marketing industry has an estimated $12 billion globally. It can’t be as big as this if it was haram!

What is affiliate marketing in general?

Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet marketing where people promote products or services offered by other companies. Affiliates are paid commission based on sales generated by visitors clicking on links posted (PPC commission) or the purchase they made through the link. The most common method to promote affiliate products is blogging, but you can also use social media!

The concept behind affiliate marketing is straightforward. You sell someone else’s product or service and cut off the profits. There are many different ways to make money through affiliate marketing.

For example, you could write reviews about products on Amazon and receive a percentage of each sale. Or, you could blog about topics related to the products you sell online. Once again, you’ll receive a portion of the sales.

There are many benefits to being an affiliate marketer. One significant advantage is that you don’t have to spend much money to start making money. Another benefit is that you don’t have to know how to build websites or design graphics.

Most affiliate programs offer free training materials, tools, and software. This includes tutorials on how to set up your account, place ads, track conversions, and much more!

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What are haram affiliate products?

The key difference in black hat affiliate marketing is that your goal has shifted from improving people’s lives to making as much money as possible. It’s not good or acceptable when someone only thinks about how to get as much money as possible.

It’s not good or acceptable when someone only thinks about how to get as much money as possible. To help you detect these black hat affiliate marketing practices, here are some of them:

  • promoting goods that fall short of their promises (haram products)
  • promoting gambling, alcohol, or currency products
  • making misleading promises to increase affiliate sales
  • not conducting the proper research before writing content—primarily reviews—about a partner product or service
  • generating additional fees from customers
  • using incredibly pushy sales tactics to boost conversions

Many people engage in these shady practices to increase their income, which is utterly unacceptable and unethical.

But it’s encouraging to learn that other “good men” are also operating in the area. Not all affiliate marketers employ bad tactics.

Here are two excellent examples to help you grasp the difference between halal and haram affiliate marketing:

Halal affiliate marketing (1)
Halal affiliate marketing

This person is pushing an affiliate product, as seen in the screenshot below, but they are giving accurate information about the product without using dubious methods.

Haram affiliate marketing
Haram affiliate marketing

However, this promoter is making untrue claims and employing haram methods to sell the product and make money.

Affiliate marketing is more comparable to a service than a good business if you select excellent products that benefit people, provide value to their lives, don’t deceive people, and don’t employ shady marketing strategies.

It’s fully halal and a fantastic way to make money online. Affiliate marketing is used by big companies, like Nike, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay, to expand.

Haram affiliate marketing strategies to avoid

Now you have identified what haram affiliate products are, let’s talk about the haram strategies you must avoid in your affiliate marketing business.

Talking about a product without using it

It’s the first haram affiliate marketing strategy to avoid.

I’ve seen many blogs promoting products they didn’t use before promoting them. It is easy to see because of how it presents and talks about the product. They do that because of the high affiliate commission they can get from the sale or the low competition on the keyword.

If you’re trying to promote something, use the product yourself first. If you want to promote a product correctly, you must show how great it works, tell what makes it unique and why you’d love it. And this, you can’t fake it.

Promoting a product without using it is terrible because you can’t gain your audience’s trust or even lose it. The conversion rate is really low, and it takes so much time to gather and write content without knowing the product…

Giving false promotion code to get a commission

The second haram strategy to avoid is to give false promotion codes to get a commission.

There are so many affiliate marketers who claim to have huge discount codes to get clicks and commissions. However, this is one of the worst strategies to use because you are misleading people, and generally, it’s a banned practice in many affiliate programs.

Promising the moon for a common product

You know what happens when you promise something that you can’t deliver. People find out about it, and they’re pissed off. They feel duped and cheated. They might even buy the thing anyway because they want to spite you.

This is why it’s essential always to keep your promises. And, if you do make a mistake, apologize immediately. Don’t try to cover up your tracks; just admit your fault and move on.

Using borderline marketing strategies

These borderline marketing strategies included timers, fake testimonials, unreal information, etc., to impress people for buying your affiliate product. This is another harmful and ineffective strategy to go about doing affiliates. In other words, it’s haram!

Is Affiliate Marketing Halal _ A Comprehensive Guide For 2022
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My top 5 Halal affiliate programs

There are a lot of halal affiliate programs you can join, but some of the best and my favorite ones are as follows:

Systeme io Affiliate Program

ShareASale Program

Moreover, if you are looking for additional halal affiliate programs, check this out!

What are the benefits of halal affiliate marketing?

Of course, having your own halal affiliate marketing business is excellent, but let’s dive into the best benefits of it!

Financial independence

The most direct benefit is the financial independence that you get from your business. When it comes to the revenue you can generate, the sky is the limit!

Moreover, you don’t have to handle refunds or customer service; you just have to send traffic to the offer and let the company take the rest for you.

Beginner friendly

The best part of affiliate marketing is it’s entirely beginner friendly! You don’t have to have a specific degree or prior experience in marketing; you must just have the will to learn and implement what you learn!

In my experience, the most successful affiliate marketer has just followed one method, implemented it, and worked hard on that!

So, I did the same! I have started my journey by learning from one of the most respected affiliate marketers! You can learn more about it from my completely free ebook!

Low starting cost

Actually, you can start affiliate marketing for free if you have at least a computer and an Internet connection!

Plenty of free resources are available online, and to create your email list, blog, bridge funnel, or email sequence; you can use Systeme io! I started with the same tool and still use it daily!

However, I highly recommend investing a little in your education to get a proper strategy to implement. Otherwise, you will be confused by all the tips and tricks you found online and lose a lot of time to use old fashion strategies.

For less than a Big Mac meal in the US, you can learn affiliate marketing in just 15 days!

One of the most lucrative business opportunity

As I mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative Internet businesses. It’s growing in popularity over time! Big companies like Sephora, Amazon, Nike, or Walmart have affiliate programs. It’s estimated that 80% of brands have affiliate programs.

And you are free to promote multiple affiliate products to make the most of it.

Freedom to work on your own schedule

As you run your halal affiliate marketing business from home, you can work on your own schedule!

You will get more time to be with your family, travel, and focus on yourself and your religion! Life is too short to lose time to work for others and get just enough money to live…

Do business with people all over the world

You may effortlessly promote your affiliate programs from your home to a global audience. The Internet helps people become more equal. Your origin, background, education, gender, and religion are no longer relevant factors in starting and growing an online business.

Let’s wrap up this halal affiliate marketing post

I hope my article helps you understand the difference between halal and haram affiliate marketing.

Before ending this article, I wanted to remind these tips on affiliate marketing, no matter your religion:

  • Always add value to your audience.
  • Develop relationships with people and never advertise haram products.
  • Find inspiring and wonderful businesses to collaborate with.
  • Please respect people’s money and work to find solutions to their difficulties.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I recommend reading our blog posts. I have many valuable posts on how to use social media to grow your affiliate marketing business, build a mailing list, do email marketing, etc.

The best halal business idea for women in 2022
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What is the best affiliate marketing course?

I always recommend the 15-Day Business Challenge from Legendary Marketer. It’s packed with tons of useful resources, you get one personal advisor throughout the challenge and it costs less than a Big Mac!

How halal affiliate marketing works?

Halal affiliate marketing is a great way to start a side hustle without worrying about handling refunds or after-sale customer disputes. You only refer customers to one of the hundreds of halal companies online. When someone buys something, you get paid an affiliate commission.

If it’s an eCommerce site, you’re probably familiar with affiliate programs like Amazon Associates. But what are the benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer yourself? Here’s how it works:
1. Find a niche.
2. Research the niche thoroughly.
3. Create a landing page.
4. Promote the product.
5. Send traffic to the landing page.
6. Get paid.
7. Repeat.

Is affiliate marketing halal or haram?

Just like any online business, there is always halal and haram sides. If you follow the guidelines above, affiliate marketing is halal.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable?

Affiliate marketing is an online industry that is constantly growing and evolving. And while it might seem easy to jump into, many things come along with starting a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Most people don’t realize that affiliate marketing isn’t just about making money — it’s about building a long-term sustainable income stream.

That being said, affiliate marketing is still a highly lucrative way to make money online. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can build a passive income stream.

How much do affiliate marketers earn?

The average income for an affiliate marketer is $178,300 per year. That’s $14,858 per month & $3,428 per week just by working from your laptop or phone without experience.

Of course, this amount will vary based on your dedication to work, the time you spend on your business… Unfortunately, most people will quit before seeing any results after a few weeks only.

Is having a blog mandatory to start a halal affiliate marketing business?

If you are looking to start a halal affiliate marketing business, there are many things to consider. One of those important considerations is whether or not you need a blog. Some people out there think it is an absolute requirement to have a blog to become an affiliate marketer. However, this isn’t true.

You can only use social media or even forums, Quora or Reddit! As long as you know how to write and promote products effectively, you can build a profitable affiliate marketing business without having a blog.

How to find profitable affiliate marketing products?

There is plenty of affiliate networks like Systeme io, Digistore 24, Clickbank, JvZoo…
If you don’t find what you were looking for, just google “keyword affiliate program”.

Is marketing halal in Islam?

In Islam, marketing is considered halal, which means it’s permissible under Islamic law. While marketing is generally considered haram because it involves money and things like gambling and alcohol, marketing is actually encouraged in Islam. Certain types of marketing are forbidden in Islam, as explained before.

Are affiliate links halal?

If you follow the guidelines I highlighted, absolutely. However, if you are promoting or using anything haram is not halal.

Is Amazon affiliate marketing halal?

This is one of the most common questions I receive! Just like any online business, there are always halal and haram sides. If you follow the guidelines above, Amazon affiliate marketing is halal.

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