Facebook Page Optimization: Ultimate Guide For Facebook SEO

Facebook Page Optimization- A ultimate guide for Facebook SEO

Learn how to optimize your Facebook page to get more customers, and increase your conversion rate using this complete guide.

How much time does it take to optimize your Page? How do I get started? What should I focus on? Is there anything else I should consider?

These questions might seem overwhelming, but they don't have to be. In this article, we'll walk through every step of Facebook Page optimization, from having a compelling page to SEO.

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world, with over 2 billion monthly active users. The site offers businesses a powerful way to connect with their customers and prospects.

If you want to reach those potential customers, then you need to optimize your Facebook page.

Table of Contents

Facebook Marketing basics

A Facebook Page is a great way to showcase your brand and highlight specific aspects of your business. You can use it to post news, events, promotions, offers, and anything else related to your business.

Facebook marketing basics
The true power of Facebook in the search results!

Capturing your brand name on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter helps you get your name out there. These platforms are popular because they provide easy ways to reach millions of potential customers.

You must also not forget that keywords are essential to any digital marketing strategy, allowing people to find what they want quickly. You will have to keep this in mind for your Facebook Page optimization.

The ultimate guide for Facebook Page optimization:

For good Facebook Page optimization, you should consider to pay attention to this point:

1. Creating the best Facebook Page

2. Optimize the different points of your Facebook Page

3. Keep your business hours updated

4. Use SEO effectively

5. Encourage your community to take action

6. Organize your page tabs

7. Update your Page when necessary

8. Engage with your audience

9. The customer is always right

10. Get inspiration from your competitors

11. Use Messenger at his full advantage

12. Claim the other pages

13. Use the insight provided by Facebook directly

14. Pin your high-performing posts

Creating the best Facebook Page

Facebook allows businesses to set up a place where you can post eye-catching photos, videos, events, and thoughts. A Facebook Page isn’t like a personal profile; it represents a specific entity. For example, you could use a Facebook Page to promote your local coffee shop or a restaurant you just opened.

The best way to think of a Facebook Page is as a business’ online storefront. People go there to learn more about your brand, read reviews, see special offers, and connect with others who love your products and/or services.

To create your Facebook Page, follow this link.

So, you must choose the option that works best for your business. Here are some examples:

– If you’re promoting a product, you might want to choose: Product or Brand.

– If you have one store location, you might want to choose: Local Business or Place.

– If you’re working for a charity, you might want to consider choosing: Cause or Community.

Select the Best Template

Create a Facebook page
Selecting the best template

When creating your Page, Facebook offers many different template choices like ones for shopping (with a built-in Shopping tab to feature products on Facebook), services, businesses, venues & even non-profits. You will have to select one based on your type of business.

You can also customize it and make it your own. These templates are really convenient for avoiding blank Page.

If you have a clear idea in mind of what your Page should look like, you can also use the “Custom Layout” option if you want to create your own template

Optimize the different points of your Facebook Page

Let’s dive now into actionable steps of Facebook Page optimization.

The steps below are here to ensure an easy way for people to learn more about your brand, what makes it unique, how it works, and why they should care. Your ‘about’ is the foundation of your online presence and needs to reflect positively on your brand.

Custom your username for a perfect Facebook page optimization

The username is the first thing you see on Facebook when looking for someone or something. Having a custom username can help you stand out among other profiles and help you to rank on Google.

So here are the best practice when choosing your username:

  • Avoid special characters like underscores, brackets, hyphens, etc.
  • Keep it clean and avoid any misspellings
  • Capitalize the words to improve readability
  • Select a name between 5 and 50 characters long
  • Use the same username across all platforms
  • Have to correspond to your brand to improve your page’s searchability (you can add one keyword)

Moreover, having a custom username lets people contact you directly via Messenger or email.

Profile & featured picture

Your profile picture is the perfect place to create a connexion with your audience and make a statement.

It must reflect your business, so if your business uses personal branding, select a photo of you in a solid color as a background.

The profile picture should be at least 180×180 pixels.

Moreover, you must take full advantage of the featured image section to reflect your business and values better. It gives you the ability to showcase your products or services.

According to Facebook, “Cover photos can’t be deceptive, misleading or infringe on anyone’s copyright.” So, they must be clear, clean, professional, and relevant to your Page.

Cover photo or video

Facebook cover
ClickFunnels’s Facebook cover

Don’t forget to add a cover photo. A Cover Photo is an excellent way to catch people’s attention and engage with your audience. To create your cover photo, you can simply use Canva in this free version!

Make sure your cover photo is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Adapt your cover seasonally or when you are releasing something big.

Moreover, Facebook allows you to use video as a cover, and you could upload a video showcasing your products or even your team.

Custom URL:

Having a custom URL helps you to optimize your social media presence! People will remember your page name easily, making it easier to spread your Page out! In conclusion, it will increase engagement and conversions on your Facebook page.

Moreover, it will look more professional when sharing the URL.

When you create your Page, Facebook generates an automatic page URL that may look something like facebook.com/12345678910. Not really easy to remember or to share?!

Once you customize it, it will look like this https://www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname/

Better no?

Let’s move on to the next point so 🙂

Link to your website:

I highly advise you to link to your website or blog.

Linking your website makes it easier for visitors to access your products or services directly from your Facebook Page.

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The Solopreneur Powerhouse is turning your solopreneur journey from a roller coaster ride into a magic carpet ride. So, ready to take the fast track to success town? Hang tight, we’re jumping into hyperdrive!

Optimize the “about” section

Your About section should contain short descriptions of your company, its history, and any notable achievements. In this section, you will build interest and engagement between your audience and your company.

To do so, you can simply use an AI copywriting tool like ClosersCopy to generate a first draft (and it can help you generate all your content also!).

Adding keywords in this section will increase your chance to appear in Facebook search results (and even Google, but I will come back later!).

For example, if someone searches for “sushi” on Facebook, they might see a list of nearby sushi restaurants. Your About Page depends on your about sections and your essential business info, so make sure you optimize both areas.

Keep your business hours updated

As a responsible business owner, you shouldn’t leave your customers hanging when you are unavailable. You must let them know your current hours and whether you will be open during the holiday season. This way, your clients won’t feel like they are being ignored.

It’s a really important point, especially if you are running a small physical business like a restaurant! Most people will check the opening time of a business before going there.

And generally, Facebook will pop up in the search results. That’s why you must update your business hours on all channels.

This way, your customers won’t feel that they are being ignored.

Use SEO effectively

You’ve probably heard the term ‘SEO’ thrown around a lot lately. This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to the practice of improving your web pages to increase organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Several ways to improve your Facebook page’s visibility in search results include:

  • Using keywords.
  • Creating compelling titles, descriptions, and images.
  • Building links back to your Page.

Like I said before, adding keywords to your Page, in general, will significantly increase the chance of finding it on Facebook easily! Like this, you will also increase the amount of traffic to your website directly. Keywords are a huge opportunity to reach a new potential customer base. To help you out, I have compiled the best SEO for small businesses here.

Be careful not to stuff your Page with keywords… Otherwise, Facebook will consider it spam. Keep it simple, natural, and clear. I recommend that your keyword density not exceed 20%.

For your Facebook Page optimization, you can also add relevant keywords to your posts. This way, you multiply your content’s and site’s entry points.

Encourage your community to take action

If you don’t tell people what to do next, they simply won’t act. You have to tell them exactly what action they have to take.

Facebook CTA
Add a CTA to your Facebook Page

To do so, you will have to add a Call To Action (CTA) button to your posts and Page to increase leads and sales conversions. Your CTA has to be relevant to your audience.

For example, if you are a hairdresser, you may add a “Call now” instead of an affiliate marketer who adds a “Sign up” CTA.

Underneath the cover image, you can also include a CTA encouraging visitors to interact with the Page or learn more about your business by clicking through to another page.

Organize your page tabs

Facebook Page tabs
Different tabs for a Facebook Page

Tabs on Facebook Pages are generally underestimated… These are huge assets to promote your products or services. Be sure to share all the information you want in the different tab sections and organize it wisely.

Standard tabs are Home, Posts, Videos, Groups, etc. Add many Tabs as you want to showcase your business. It will help active users to find what they want faster and increase the conversion rate to your different products or services.

To customize the tabs, go to “Sections,” then to “Edit” and scroll to the bottom of the Page to view the list of current tabs and the option to add a tab.

Update your Page when necessary

This one can seem obvious, but it’s basic! You must update your Facebook Page regularly, and you don’t want to disappoint your potential customer! All the information must be accurate…

Engage with your audience

To keep your Page attractive, you can share your company’s activities, the last news… Posting frequently will keep people interested in what you’re doing.

To engage with your audience, there are small tricks that you can use:

– Ask questions into your posts

– Upload Facebook Reels (which can bring you tons of traffic)

– Use Facebook Live to showcase a new product or introduce your team

– Use USG content to increase your engagement rate. People will feel close to your business

Moreover, you must always respond to the comment on your posts!

Hire someone else to take care of your site if you’re not comfortable or able to do so yourself. The Facebook algorithm will give you a better ranking if you post and engage frequently. Take a look at the latest trends in your industry and use them for marketing your business.

A content calendar can also help you program your post for a month or so.

In short, more engagement means more traffic.

The Solopreneur Powerhouse is turning your solopreneur journey from a roller coaster ride into a magic carpet ride. So, ready to take the fast track to success town? Hang tight, we're jumping into hyperdrive!
Say Goodbye to Empty Promises and Ineffective Methods.

The Solopreneur Powerhouse is turning your solopreneur journey from a roller coaster ride into a magic carpet ride. So, ready to take the fast track to success town? Hang tight, we’re jumping into hyperdrive!

The customer is always right

You must always pay attention to your customer reviews! They tell you what you’re doing right and wrong, aka what you can improve in your business.

Nowadays, everyone is looking to reviews before any buying decision. I have to admit, I’m one of those, and I noticed that the review on Facebook tends to be more personal as Trustpilot, for example.

So, don’t hesitate to respond to all your reviews, especially the negative ones. This will keep customers happy and prevent them from leaving feedback elsewhere.

Like this, you will create a relationship with your audience. They will feel special and indebted and will continue to talk about you and, therefore, potentially share your posts again and again.

Remember: responding to customer reviews helps build credibility and trust.

Get inspiration from your competitors

Almost all businesses have a Facebook Page. So be attentive to what your competitors are currently doing to grow their Facebook pages. Look at what they are posting, how they respond to their audience, how they set up the Page…

Once you have found a pattern, think about how you can apply this strategy to your business page.

Use Messenger at his full advantage

Facebook messenger
Facebook Messenger used on a Facebook Page

Use the Facebook features to your advantage. With Facebook Messenger, you can set up a chatbot that can be automatically opened when a user is on your Page. This shows your audience how you aim to provide amazing customer service!

For example, you can set a welcome greeting when someone starts a conversation with your Page. Or, you can create auto-responses to common questions by using your FAQ.

This feature makes sure you don’t miss out on any important queries and gives the ability to your audience to reach out at any time (don’t forget: turn on away messages during “out of office” hours).

Having a Messenger chatbot make your customers know that you care about them. They feel like you are always available.

Claim the other pages

As a business owner, you must be careful with your brand image.

You may have noticed that some businesses have multiple pages with a lot of followers on each… It’s because some unscrupulous people have created Facebook pages with their business names…

So you must claim these unofficial pages to control what happens on them.

Claiming an unofficial page is easy; all you need is proof of ownership.

Once you’ve claimed the Page, you’ll want to merge it into your verified Page.

Use the insight provided by Facebook directly

The Facebook insights tool allows you to see how people are interacting with your Page – whether it’s a post, story, or comment. You can use this information to determine what types of posts work best for your audience. For example, you can learn how many people like your posts, how often people engage with your posts, and where your fans are located.

You can even see how well certain posts perform compared to others. If one type of post performs better than another, you can try posting more of that type of post.

Here’s how to access the insights tool:

1. Log into Facebook

2. Click the three dots next to your profile name

3. Select “Insights”

4. Choose the topic you want to explore

Pin your high-performing posts

Facebook allows you to pin your best-performing posts to the top of the Page. This allows you to showcase the most relevant (and liked) information about your brand. When you do, you increase the chances of getting more shares and likes.

Let’s wrap up our Facebook Page Optimization guide

In conclusion, a Facebook page is a very powerful tool that will allow you to increase engagement and traffic to your site. This is especially true if you have a large following already because it allows you to connect directly with your audience.

But before you jump into any kind of marketing campaign, it’s always better to optimize the content on your Page. This guide should give you everything you need to know for a successful Facebook page optimization.

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Facebook Page in 2022
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How to optimize Facebook Page to get more leads
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