7 Best Copy AI Alternatives For Writers to Skyrocket Your Content

7 Best Copy ai Alternatives For Writers to Skyrocket Your Content

Welcome to my Copy ai alternative post!

As you might know, Copy ai is a great AI copywriting tool to generate short-form content for your social media. But the problem with Copy ai is that you can't create long-form content easily for your sales page or an optimized blog post...

That's why I decided to write this Copy ai alternative post. During my research and my own experience, I found out that Frase was by far the best for SEO-friendly content, and ClosersCopy is a good alternative also, thanks to its lifetime deal.

With Frase, I can save up to 30% of my writing time and rank my blog on the first page (as you can see!), and ClosersCopy allows me to create eye-catching and exciting content for my email campaign and social media posts.

But don't take my word for it! Let's start this Copy ai alternative post now!

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What is Copy ai?

Copy ai home page
Copy ai home page

Before jumping into this Copy ai alternative post, let me introduce this AI tool!

Copy ai is an AI writing tool that generates human-quality copy based on keywords, topics, and templates. Their product allows marketers to quickly write high-converting Facebook and Google ads, blogs, landing pages, and even entire ebooks in a few minutes.

Contrary to the competition, it doesn’t claim to write the copy for you, but it helps you produce your content faster and more easily.

They’ve been around since 2020 and have over one million active users. So, it’s safe to say that plenty of satisfied customers are out there.

Using the GPT-3, like most of the AI writers out there, Copy ai offers other 100 different templates in 25 languages.

Let’s dive into now the best Copy ai features!

Copy ai key features

There are three main reasons why Copy.ai is so popular:

1. User Interface – This is probably the most important part of the product because it sets the tone for everything else. Copy.ai does a great job of ensuring the UI is simple and intuitive. If something seems too complicated, it might scare off potential users.

2. Content Generation – Once you set up a campaign, Copy.ai automatically creates a bunch of different variations of the same content. For example, you could choose a topic, a keyword list, and a template. Then, Copy.ai will generate hundreds of unique versions of your content. You can tweak each piece of text to make it better, or you can simply select the best version and move on.

3. Human Quality – When you’re done editing, you can preview what your final output looks like. And, unlike many other AI copywriting tools, Copy.ai checks your work. You can rewrite and polish some parts! If you find anything wrong, you can fix it easily.

Who can benefit from Copy ai?

Copy ai is the perfect AI writing tool for:

  • Digital marketer
  • Real estate agent (there are templates for listings!)
  • Content creator
  • Human resources
  • Ordinary people looking to write a great cover letter
  • And small business owners in general!

Copy ai pros

O‍ver 100+ templates available for any case.

Free to use: Copy.ai gives its users free monthly credits for no charge if they don’t want any other content creation. They can keep using the app for free if they don’t need additional content creation.

First draft wizard: get your first draft in minutes before diving into your blog post writing.

Easy to use dashboard: start using Copy ai in no time!

Rapid content generation.

Free 7-day trial without credit card needed.

Copy ai cons

Not really optimized for SEO (best Copy ai alternative for that later on), no integration with SurferSEO or SEMrush.

No plagiarism checker, need to use Copyscape or Grammarly.

No collaboration tools for teams.

Improving the blog post generator, requires a lot of editing, even with enough context.

It can be quite expensive depending on your using.

Copy ai pricing

Copy ai pricing
Copy ai pricing

Copy.ai’s pricing plan is similar to that of Jasper.ai and Copyscape.ai is doing.

You can get a free version allowing you to generate 2000 words

Or you can go for the Pro Plan. This plan gives you access to all the features and can generate unlimited words.

You can find the full list of prices below.

With all these details in mind, let’s find the best 7 Copy ai alternatives for this year!

The 7 best Copy ai alternatives for this year

1. Jasper AI: Best AI tool for a long-form copy!

Jasper ai home page
Jasper ai home page

Jasper ai (formerly Conversion ai and Jarvis) is an AI-powered Content Writing Tool that makes it easy to write great content for your site or blog. It will help you solve your writer’s block, low conversion rate, and shorter your writing time!

With Jasper, you can create beautiful, professional content without worrying about formatting or grammar. Just type away and let Jasper do the rest.

You can use Jasper to create everything from simple text-based content like blog posts, product listings, social media posts, and eBooks to complex webpages and even complete websites.

The best part?

– Jasper creates amazing and well-written content quickly – within just minutes.

– And since Jasper combines machine learning technology and GPT-3, it learns what works well and what doesn’t work well over time. So every piece of content you create becomes better and better over time.

You can start using Jasper by opening the app and selecting a template. You can either start a new project from scratch or use an existing one.

Jasper AI key features

Provides over 50 proven templates

Write in over 25 different languages

SEO integration with SurferSEO (need to pay a subscription to SurferSEO to use it)

Plagiarism integration with Copyscape

Check grammatical errors with Grammarly integration

Long-form content editor with its unique Boss Mode

5-day free trial

Jasper AI vs Copy AI

The main difference is that Jasper AI supports better long-form copy generation and is more efficient.

Moreover, you will need less editing during your writing process, thanks to machine learning.

Additionally, your content will be SEO optimized thanks to the SurferSEO integration.

Unlike Copy ai, you cannot use Jasper AI for free, even in a limited version. They are just offering a 5-day money-back guarantee.

In short, if you are looking to write long-form copy and SEO friendly, you should go for Jasper AI, and if you need an AI copywriting tool for your social media post or email sequence, you should go for Copy ai!

Who can benefit from Jasper AI?

Jasper AI and Copy ai have really similar target users:

  • Marketing teams
  • Content creators
  • Freelancers
  • Small business owner

Jasper AI pricing

jasper ai princing
Jasper ai pricing

Jasper AI starts at $39/month for unlimited words. You can find the full list of prices above.

Jasper.ai Special Free Trial Offer
No Need To Spend Hours Writing With Jasper!

When creating content, Jasper is a no-brainer! I never face the blank page syndrome again! Thanks to this AI, it makes it fast & easy to create high-quality content! You can write absolutely anything on any subject.

Jasper AI pros

Leading best AI content creation tools for long-form copy

Numerous integration with useful tools for SEO and content creation

Content quietly accurate

Training provided

Jasper AI cons

Quickly becomes very expensive depending on the use with the different integrations

Longer learning curve

Need fact checks for dates and quotes (as any AI writer tool)

2. Copysmith: Best AI tool for e-commerce

Copysmith home page
Copysmith home page

Copysmith is a great alternative to Copy ai.

For example, you write a headline, and the software analyzes millions of headlines to find the best ones. Then, it suggests improvements to make your copy better.

The biggest benefit is that it makes writing copy easier because you don’t have to spend hours trying different variations of words. Instead, just write your headline and let Copysmith do the work.

You’ll see how much better your copy gets within minutes. And once you get good results, you’ll want to keep using it.

Moreover, Copysmith is great for creating high-converting copies and for any asset of your marketing campaign.

It can save you time when you prepare any content types, which means you can spend more time generating new leads and revenue instead of losing precious hours writing content. Who doesn’t want that?

If you’re looking for a way to automate some aspects of your copywriting process, I highly recommend checking out Copysmith.

Here are some key features that are really worth it:

Copysmith key features

Provides great templates for content generation and product description

32 different templates

60 different languages supported

Built-in research feature to get the insight you need while writing your content

Built-in plagiarism checker

Bulk content generator

Easily share your content via a link

Chrome extension available to write your content across all the websites

Integrated with Shopify, Google Ads, Frase, WooCommerce (on WordPress), and Zapier to publish in one click

7-day free trial

Copysmith vs Copy AI

The main difference here is that Copysmith is more sales oriented than Copy ai.

Moreover, Copysmith is more straightforward to use, so it is perfect for beginners!

In short, if you want to write copy that sells, I highly recommend using Copysmith.

Who can benefit from Copysmith?

Copysmith’s target users are more oriented toward e-commerce marketers and agency founders wishing to scale.

Copysmith pricing

Currently, there are 3 different pricing plans with a monthly or annually payment:

The starter Plan rate is $19/month and provides 75 credits.

The Professional Plan rate is $59/month and provides 400 credits.

The enterprise plan provides unlimited credits and a plagiarism checker, but you need to contact them to get the price.

Copysmith pros

Write amazing product descriptions, Facebook Ads, and social media assets

Beginner-friendly with an easy-to-use interface

Fast generation ideas

Copysmith cons

It doesn’t have an exclusive long-form content generation feature

Not much guidance on how to use it properly

Quite buggy sometimes

3. Frase.io: Best AI tool for SEO content

Frase home page
Frase home page

Frase is an AI copywriting tool designed specifically for SEO. They claim that it can help you write better headlines, descriptions, meta tags, etc. while optimizing those pieces for SEO.

That’s the perfect association between an AI copywriting tool and SurferSEO designed to optimize your content with keywords, headlines, and structure.

The aim with Frase is to create original content that can rank on the first page of Google without hassle. You won’t need to spend hours and hours figuring out what keywords to use, what structure to opt for…

I’ve been using it for several months now, and I love it. It saves me so much time and energy while I’m writing content for my blogs.

Let me introduce the best features of Frase!

Frase key features

Content structure templates that help to write high-quality content for alternative content, review content, how-to content…

Generate automatically detailed SEO content briefs that help your writers execute content that ranks

Support 8 different languages

Integrated with Google Search Console data

AI frameworks to write your content

Content scoring to easily optimize your content for a target keyword

Project status settings

Create your own templates as guidelines

SEO add-on to research and get insight on your target keyword

Frase vs Copy AI

The main difference here between Frase and Copy AI is that Frase focuses on SEO content to get your blog ranked on the first page of Google as soon as possible.

On the contrary, Copy AI is more short content oriented, perfect for social media and email marketing.

However, with the SurferSEO integration, you can create SEO-optimized content. But combining the two tools makes the usage more expensive and difficult.

Who can benefit from Frase?

Frase is perfect for SEO specialists, newbies, content marketers, and agencies.

In a nutshell, everyone who is looking to create SEO-friendly content!

Frase pricing

Frase pricing 2
Frase pricing

They have a few different pricing plans, but I think the best option is the basic plan because it gives you access to everything. You can always upgrade later.

The Solo Plan costs $14.99 per month, perfect for small businesses who release not so many articels. It’s worth every penny.

The Basic Plan costs $44.99 per month, perfect for small businesses and freelance content writers.

Then, the Team Plan costs $114.99 per month, which is perfect for content creation businesses with unlimited options.

They also offer a custom plan for larger marketing teams and agencies.

They also have an SEO add-on at $35/mo. This add-on is much cheaper than SurferSEO and includes unlimited access to the Frase AI Writer and other premium features.

Frase pros

Easy-to-use interface

Write SEO-friendly content in no time

Fast track your blog post creation process

Compelling topic and keyword research

Compete easily with the top 20 results in SERP for your target keyword

One-click automatic content brief

Outstanding customer service

New useful features are added every month

More affordable than a combination of SurferSEO and Jasper for example, for the same outcome

Frase cons

WordPress integration doesn’t work properly

AI lacks accuracy sometimes

Mostly of blog post creation (which is also an advantage!)

frase logo
Write Seo Optimized Articles In A Breeze With Frase !

Save up to 30% of your writing time from research to publishing! Frase puts your entire SEO content workflow on steroids, making quick and painless your blog article process.

4. Anyword: Best AI tool for personalized high converting copy

Anyword home page
Anyword home page

Anyword is a fully automated artificial intelligence-powered content creation tool that allows anyone to quickly generate hundreds of high-quality articles, blog posts, ebooks, webpages, and much more.

This is done by using predictive technology to predict what might come next within a document based on what you already wrote, allowing writers to focus on creating great text rather than spending hours manually typing each word.

On their website, they give you this great example. When you write, “Life is too short for a boring coffee”, Anyword will add, “Transform your morning cup into an indulgent experience with award-winning coffees from roasters around the globe.”

If you choose this path, the software will continue suggesting new ideas and concepts as you type. These suggestions are generated using machine learning algorithms that learn from previous documents and how people tend to react to certain types of information.

The end product is usually excellent. In my experience, most of the time, the suggested topics are relevant and interesting. However, there are times when the predictions aren’t quite accurate, but this isn’t always the case.

If you want to try out Anyword, you can do so here.

Anyword key features

100+ AI writing tools

200+ Data-driven copywriting tools

Blog post wizard

30 languages supported

Blog post builder

Rewrite and optimize your existing copy with AI

Scores and analytics

Anyword vs Copy AI

Even if these two AI copywriting tools are made to create short-form content, there is some difference.

Again, Anyword is a perfect AI writer for creating copy that drives conversions and sales from any marketing campaign asset: landing page, emails, ads… while Copy ai creates short-form content without focusing on generating sales or conversions.

Moreover, Copy ai is designed for freelancers and small teams, while Anyword targets larger marketing companies

Who can benefit from Anyword?

Anyone can benefit from Anyword, but you must want to create converting message to take full advantage of this AI tool.

Anyword pricing

Currently, they are offering 3 different plans:

A free plan: access to Anyword free forever and enjoy 1000 words credit each month. English only.

A basic plan: starting at $16/month, you can generate 15000 words each month in other 30 languages.

A data-driven plan: starting at $83/month, you can generate 30000 words each month in other 30 languages, including real-time predictive performance scores and analytics.

Anyword pros

Create in short time content made to be concise, engaging, and smarter to resonate with your target audience

Boost conversions and sales with a personalized copy for your target audience

Predictive analytics to improve every copy

The short learning curve with easy-to-use interface

Great tone matching

Free account forever

7-day trial available for a paid plan

Anyword cons

Impossible to generate any kind of content

It doesn’t include a collaboration or workflow feature

Generated content needs to be edited most of the time

Integration with social media and ad accounts limited to Enterprise Plan

Crazy pricing and quite expensive for limited features

5. ClosersCopy: Best AI tool with a lifetime deal

ClosersCopy home page
ClosersCopy home page

ClosersCopy is one of the most popular copywriting software solutions on the market today. This is because it allows you to generate high-quality content quickly and easily. You don’t even need to know how to write anything; just choose a template and start typing.

The best thing about ClosersCopy is that it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of writing techniques. Instead, it works like magic, automatically creating awesome content based on keywords and phrases you enter.

One of the key benefits of ClosersCopy is its amount of content. There are over 900 templates to choose from, including blog posts, ebooks, landing pages, sales letters, webinars, and more.

In addition to generating contents, ClosersCopy also includes several powerful features that make it easy to edit and publish SEO-friendly content.

There are many reasons why people choose ClosersCopy over similar products. Here are some of the main features:

ClosersCopy key features

Over 900 templates provided by ClosersCopy and the community

120 languages supported

Built-in SEO tool similar to SurferSEO to rank your content faster

Own AI used (different and more efficient than GPT-3)

Offers one-click analyses of copies

Smooth user’s experience for both beginners and experts

Lifetime deal available

Ps: I have written a complete ClosersCopy review, check it here!

ClosersCopy vs Copy ai

ClosersCopy is much more versatile than Copy ai. You can create high-converting content for your ads, generate new leads with your new ebook written in ClosersCopy, and publish blog posts more often… while Copy ai is made for short-form content…

I have written a complete ClosersCopy that you can check here.

Who can benefit from ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is perfect for digital marketers, bloggers, and freelancers.

ClosersCopy pricing

ClosersCopy monthly pricing
ClosersCopy monthly pricing

ClosersCopy is offering 3 different price plans:

Power Plan: starting at $49.99/month, you can access 300 AI runs and 50 SEO audits.

Superpower Plan: starting at $79.99/month, you can run unlimited AI, and SEO audits, including 3 seats.

Superpower Squad: starting at $99.99/month, you can run unlimited AI, and SEO audits, including 5 seats.

They also run a lifetime deal starting at $317 for the Superpower Solo plan!

ClosersCopy lifetime price
ClosersCopy lifetime price
Stop Paying A Monthly Fee For A Ai Copy Tool!

For a limited time, ClosersCopy reopens its doors to the popular lifetime deal! It’s the secret copywriting superpower your competitors wish you’d never discovered…

ClosersCopy pros

Suitable for any cases and niches

Efficient blog post workflow

Support quite well long-form copy

Built with a team in mind

Supportive community

14-day money-back guarantee

ClosersCopy cons

No free trial

So often, updates make the learning curve difficult…

AI is quite buggy and unreliable on some specific subjects

6. Rytr: Best AI tool for short copy

Rytr home page
Rytr home page

Rytr is a tool designed to help marketers automate their social media posting process. In short, it allows you to generate content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram using templates.

With Rytr, you can only generate short-form content just like Copy ai.

The app supports multiple accounts and lets you schedule posts up to one month out. And because it uses artificial intelligence to determine what to say, you don’t need to worry about writing anything yourself.

But there are some limitations. First, you can only post once every 24 hours. Second, it doesn’t support longer forms of content like blogs or ebooks. Third, it won’t work well for brands with many followers. For example, Rytr might struggle to find relevant people to follow if you’re trying to promote a product launch.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Rytr costs $9 per month.

Rytr key features

30 templates included

Support 30 different languages

Integrated with SEMrush

Chrome extension available to write on any website

Powerful landing page creator

Built-in plagiarism checker

Rytr vs Copy AI

Unlike Copy ai, Rytr uses the combination of AI and machine learning. It’s also more simple to use and affordable.

However, CopyAI’s interface is better because it gives you 10 outputs and its generation options.

Who can benefit from Rytr?

Rytr is designed mainly for small marketing teams, e-commerce, and freelance content creators.

Rytr pricing

As just Copy ai, Rytr offers a free account. You can generate up to 5000 characters (between 710 and 1250 words) monthly on its free plan.

Moreover, there are also 2 other paid plan:

The saver plan allows you to generate 50000 characters for only $9 per month.

The unlimited plan allows you to generate content for only $29 per month without any limitations.

Rytr pros

Very easy to use

Free account available

Great value for money

Produces a wide range of content

Possible to choose the tone of voice

Rytr cons

Long-form content not supported

Not made for collaborative use

The writing quality needs a bit of work

It lacks some advanced features that Frase or ClosersCopy offers

7. Peppertype: Best AI tool for content creators

Peppertype home page
Peppertype home page

Peppertype ai is a copywriting and content generation tool developed by two young Indian entrepreneurs. They are Sanket Patel and Ankit Gupta.

Initially, the AI copywriting tool was developed on Pepper, providing a text and graphics marketplace.

The team developed PepperType.ai, a software product designed to help companies create high-quality content for their websites.

This is similar to other Copy AI alternatives like ClosersCopy, Jasper etc.

Peppertype is a tool that helps startups and medium-sized businesses generate a wide range of different types of content — including tweets, quora answers, product reviews, blog posts, etc., using artificial intelligence.

Peppertype key features

40 templates included

Support 120 different languages

Built-in plagiarism checker for Enterprise plan users

Great AI content system

Easy-to-use interface

Generate multiple content format

Regular updates

Peppertype vs Copy AI

Actually, Copy ai, and Peppertype are really similar! You can only create short-form content through their AI tools.

However, Pepertype is more expensive than Copy ai.

Who can benefit from Peppertype?

Every digital marketer, content creator, agency, and product manager can benefit from Peppertype.

Peppertype pricing

Currently, they are offering 3 different price plans:

The Starter plan costs $25 per month for 1 seat and 50000 characters.

The Growth plan costs $165 per month for 5 seats and 50000 characters per seat.

For the Enterprise plan, you will need to contact them.

Peppertype pros

Really quick to generate content

Versatile use

Premium tool

Clean dashboard

Excellent customer support.

Peppertype cons

Lack of integration with some eCommerce platforms

Too fewer credits for the price

Expensive compared to other alternatives

It needs to improve the AI because the suggestion is sometimes really bad

Needs more work on the grammar side. A lot of typos and errors.

No money-back guarantee

Let’s wrap this Copy ai alternative review!

One of the best features of Copy ai is its free plan which allows anyone who doesn’t need to create content in bulk to use it.

However, you may want to consider some Copy ai alternatives to further your content creation process and create long-form content.

My favorite solution currently is Frase for the SEO content creation and Jasper for social media captions and email marketing.

As you need to master two different tools, you can go for Jasper which can be a little more expensive, but you will have to learn how to use only one tool.

Feel free to try all the Copy ai alternatives to find the one that corresponds to your needs and requirements!

7 Best Copy ai Alternatives to Write Better Content
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