Closerscopy Review – My Thought After A Year Of Use…

ClosersCopy Review - My though after a year of use…

Welcome to my ClosersCopy review!

As a content creator, I was looking for a way to improve my copywriting skills and write content faster without costing the earth!

As you may know, copywriting is a skill that takes years to master, unfortunately. For this reason, most businesses hire a professional copywriter, which may be somewhat costly...

So I decided to try an AI copywriting tool: ClosersCopy.

I've been using ClosersCopy for over a year now, and I must say that it's one of the most powerful and intuitive AI copywriting tools out there.

ClosersCopy is an AI-powered software capable of writing amazing SEO content and other types of sales copy in a matter of minutes. It can even write high-quality articles for you that are 100% unique!

In this review, I have highlighted the best features, what needs to be improved, the pricing, and how ClosersCopy is doing against its competitors.

Let's start this review without further ado

Table of Contents

What is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy home page
ClosersCopy home page

As mentioned in my ClosersCopy review introduction, it is an AI copywriting software that helps you produce high-quality content for your sales page, email, or even blog post.

The founder of ClosersCopy, Nico Engler, is a highly skilled copywriter and has designed the app to assist businesses in writing captivating content in a short amount of time without having to hire a professional copywriter.

It includes many templates, frameworks (official and community-based), and workflows!

Whatever your copywriting skills level, ClosersCopy is the perfect solution for any type of content like Facebook and Google Ads, sales copy, blog articles, and tiny parts of content like bullet points or turning features into benefits.

As a result, it will contribute to converting readers into actual clients.

Thanks to ClosersCopy, creating a copy is a breeze. All you have to do now is change the highlighted text with the message you want to send after you’ve picked the feature you want to use.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for writing or your budget won’t allow you to engage a freelance copywriter, this AI copywriting software can help.

Moreover, with a copywrited page, you can increase your CTR and conversion rate without costing you an arm and a leg!

Who should use ClosersCopy?

This copywriting tool targets numerous people, including Local business owners and marketers that wish to sell their products. ClosersCopy helps them compose a powerful copy that will improve their sales conversion while assisting them in connecting to their target market.

Whether you are a professional or brand-new copywriter, you’ll gain from this AI copywriting software to make your writing more accessible and enjoyable. The writer’s block doesn’t exist with this!

In any case, you will find the feature you need to write your content in no time and save you money simultaneously!

ClosersCopy pros & cons

There are many different reasons why you might want to use ClosersCopy. If you’re looking for an easy way to shortcut your writing process, ClosersCopy could be just what you’ve been searching for. However, there are several things to consider before deciding whether or not this tool is worth your money. Here are the pros and cons of ClosersCopy.


✅ A lifetime deal is available. No need to pay a monthly fee like ClosersCopy’s competitor (Jasper,…)

✅ Most of the plan includes unlimited AI runs. No need to pay attention to your usage!

✅ Can generate long-form content in one go (up to 3000 characters) thanks to its own AI.

✅ Simple interface makes it easy to navigate and use

✅ Can be used in different niches

✅ SEO feature is a game changer! You can now rank your content on Google quickly!

✅ A lot of tutorials to help you get started and very supportive community


❌ No plagiarism checker built-in (need to use the Grammarly one, for example)

❌ Can be a bit lower compared to its competitors

❌ A lot of updates, making it challenging to master sometimes…

Stop Paying A Monthly Fee For A Ai Copy Tool!

For a limited time, ClosersCopy reopens its doors to the popular lifetime deal! It’s the secret copywriting superpower your competitors wish you’d never discovered…

ClosersCopy Features

While this service has many features, which I introduce to you below, bear in mind that you’ll need to provide some information for it to produce the most excellent results.

Let’s take a look at some of ClosersCopy’s features.

User-friendly interface

ClosersCopy dashboard editor

ClosersCopy features the most user-friendly builders when compared to many other copywriting tools.

This makes it easier to write by simply adding things to the copy.

Artificial Intelligence

As you have understood, ClosersCopy is using AI to produce high-quality content. Moreover, it will help you overcome the blank page syndrome in your writing process!

Most users love the fact that the AI is really efficient at delivering related content without unnecessary words.

ClosersCopy claims that, unlike most AI copywriting tools, it does not rely on Jasper’s popular GPT-3 AI infrastructure (formerly Jarvis).

While you may have found some negative reviews regarding the ClosersCopy AI, you must remember that the output may not always be correct if you don’t feed it correctly.

ClosersCopy AI Model

In addition, ClosersCopy’s service includes three distinct AI algorithms:

  • SalesAI is a program that helps you create sales pages, ad copy, and email marketing campaigns.
  • BlogAI assists you in creating high-ranking blog articles for search engines. (I use it a lot to make the first draft! I same me about an hour per article!)
  • StoryAI is a program that helps you write intriguing stories and novels.


ClosersCopy SEO features
ClosersCopy SEO features

ClosersCopy has recently released a new SEO feature comparable to SurferSEO or In short, you can create optimized content by analyzing the SERP results for a keyword.

This feature will help you to rank higher in the search results (if used correctly, of course).

All you have to do is to put in your target keyword. ClosersCopy will automatically fetch the top 10 results for your chosen location and provide suggestions based on your competitors.

ClosersCopy SEO feature 2
ClosersCopy SEO feature

At a glance, you can see how the content is structured and how many words, headlines, and images they use.

If you like one outline, you can easily add it to your document in one click as an example and use the “Write for me” command to generate content for you.

Then, ClosersCopy allows you to audit from 1 to 5 results. The built-in NLP of ClosersCopy will get to work on performing a detailed SEO audit of the crawled pages.

ClosersCopy SEO insight
ClosersCopy SEO insight

The keywords are displayed by the frequency used. You can use this data to optimize your content with those keywords.

The flame next to the keyword means that these are the most important ones, and you add them to your content.

While writing your article, the right-hand side of the editor will show you a score based on the number of words, headings, paragraphs, images, and keywords included… The higher, the better.

You can also easily find the stats, questions, and statements from other top content to get a better article.

There is also another feature called “Planner”. It allows you to see the outline of your competitors and create your structure with those headings.

This SEO feature is my favorite of this copywriting tool. You can easily optimize your blog posts to make them rank quickly in the search results and can bring you quite a lot of traffic.


ClosersCopy longform feature
ClosersCopy Longform feature

If you get stuck when writing, then, this feature will change everything. You can generate any content with it like brief, headline, introduction, listicle, bullets, tutorials…

Choose the creativeness and length of the output (up to 200 words); boom, content is here!


ClosersCopy framework feature
ClosersCopy Framework feature

ClosersCopy offers a wide range of pre-built frameworks that cover almost every case imaginable. These templates come in multiple categories like ads, blogs, products, sales pages, etc. Each category includes unique and diverse templates (over 60 currently), allowing you to find the perfect one for your needs easily.

Moreover, the community can share their frameworks with us. This makes the library endless and covers much more categories!

Another feature that distinguishes ClosersCopy from its competitor is the ability to create your own frameworks! Personally, I use it a lot when I’m repeating using some content templates.

It completely changes the game and opens up a new world of possibilities for generating templates and content quickly and consistently without any effort.

Stop Paying A Monthly Fee For A Ai Copy Tool!

For a limited time, ClosersCopy reopens its doors to the popular lifetime deal! It’s the secret copywriting superpower your competitors wish you’d never discovered…


ClosersCopy workflow feature
ClosersCopy Workflow feature

The Workflow Builder allows you to add and edit your own workflows. A workflow consists of one or more steps the framework that we have just talk before.

You can choose and combine different frameworks to make your own, according to your needs.

In addition, you can select from both built-in and community workflows, so you have a massive range of workflows to choose from.

For example, you can find the ultimate blog post workflow. This one contains 11 steps from the headline to the meta description. Within a straightforward interface, you can write your article easily and quickly.


You may use the right-click context menu to do the following:

Expand: It allows you to expand your copy based on your chosen context.

Rewrite: It allows you to rewrite your material using new words and phrases while preserving the meaning.

Summarize: This feature allows you to condense your content into a few sentences.

Improve: It allows you to improve the writing style of a portion of your article.


Occasionally you may be stuck on what to create. Thankfully, ClosersCopy offers an extensive collection of templates that you can use to write whatever content you like. You must copy and paste the text into the editor and start writing. It takes just 5 minutes. Here are some examples of what you can write:

  • Sales Page
  • Social Media Post
  • Google Ad Copy
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Subject Line
  • Landing Page Content

Nevertheless, keep in mind that templates are just here to help, and you can use them for inspiration.

You can choose from different components in the library section. These components are power & sensory words, thesaurus, and the different backups.


ClosersCopy content insight
ClosersCopy content insight

Some built-in analytics and data tools for copywriting fans, such as an emotional tone score tool (analyzes power words), a keyword density finder, length, or spam analyzer, help assess copy elements.

These tools are simple, but they may examine your existing material and provide you with suggestions for improvements or modifications.

Copy Emotion analysis

When it comes to influencing potential clients, emotions are fundamental. So, you can use the “Copy Emotion” analyzer to fine-tune your copy.

It also ensures that the tone employed is appropriate for the message. To avoid word repetition, ClosersCopy includes a Thesaurus.

Sentence analysis

This AI copywriting tool aids in the breakdown of long sentences into shorter ones. As a result, you can discover that your audience quickly understands sentences.

The app also has a keyword analysis tool to optimize your content correctly.

Spam analysis

Deliverability is always an issue in marketing, mainly email marketing. ClosersCopy, thankfully, assists people in determining whether or not their text will be considered spam.

It will analyze all your copy and highlight the risk terms that need to be changed to avoid being flagged by Yahoo or Google.

Keyword density analysis

The keyword density is the ratio of keywords in a given piece of content to its total word count, and it can be expressed as a percentage. The higher the keyword density, the more likely your site will rank well for search queries related to your niche. You should aim for a keyword density between 1% and 5%.


You can write content in over 120+ languages. ClosersCopy currently supports Google’s Translation API and DeepL (the best translator that exists!).

Tutorials and community

Nico, the founder of ClosersCopy, has made some helpful tutorials sand YouTube. If you are still stuck after watching it, you can simply ask to the community on Facebook.

ClosersCopy, like Jarvis AI, has a burgeoning Facebook Group with many helpful users (over 15K when this ClosersCopy review was published) and administrators helping with the tool’s development.

I have found so much support in that group! It truly helps me better at copywriting and master the tool correctly!

ClosersCopy user’s review

To get further feedback, I have included some reviews of the tool found on G2, and ProductHunt.

ClosersCopy Pricing

Pricing plans on this AI copywriting software are affordable. Currently, ClosersCopy is offering three different packages, which I will detail below.

PS: All these packages are covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee, so this copywriting tool isn’t a big risk to try!

ClosersCopy monthly pricing
ClosersCopy monthly pricing

Power Plan – $49.99/mo or $34.99/mo when paid annually ($419.90 total)

  • Access to 300 AI runs and 50 SEO audits per month
  • Access to SalesAI, BlogAI and StoryAI modules
  • Support for 2 user seats

Superpower Plan – $79.99/mo or $55.99/mo when paid annually ($671.90 total)

  • Offers unlimited generated AI writing and SEO audits per month
  • Access to SalesAI, BlogAI and StoryAI modules
  • Support for 3 user seats

Superpower Squad Plan – $99.99/mo or $69.99/mo when paid annually ($839.90 total)

  • Offers unlimited generated AI writing and SEO audits per month
  • Access to SalesAI, BlogAI and StoryAI modules
  • Support for 5 user seats

Closers Copy Lifetime Deal

Since they launch the AI features, ClosersCopy is currently offering a lifetime deal!

You will only have to pay once to access this copywriting tool forever!

No monthly costs! No upsells, ever!

Hurry up! I don’t how long this offer will be available!

Stop Paying A Monthly Fee For A Ai Copy Tool!

For a limited time, ClosersCopy reopens its doors to the popular lifetime deal! It’s the secret copywriting superpower your competitors wish you’d never discovered…

ClosersCopy Alternatives

Let’s check some of the ClosersCopy’s alternatives:

Jasper AI

When you want to write a long piece of content, the Boss Mode of Jasper can be truly helpful. It’s quite comparable to the long-form feature of ClosersCopy.

However, Jasper is costly! is an online content creation tool that allows anyone to write, edit, publish and optimize blog posts. With Frase, it’s easy to find topics that interest you, build out compelling pieces, and publish them quickly and easily.

This tool has been created for those who want to skyrocket their SEO content! Moreover, it gives you better insight for your content!

Let’s wrap up this ClosersCopy review

ClosersCopy is definitely one of the very best AI copywriting tools offered today, and it has different impressive features that will assist make your copywriting process simple.

In addition, users have some great recommendations to assist them in creating effective and persuasive content.

So, you can spend less time writing and more time making money.

ClosersCopy FAQ

If we don’t address some of the most often asked issues regarding the program, this ClosersCopy review will be incomplete.

What will ClosersCopy actually do for me?

ClosersCopy is suitable for both novice and experienced copywriters. You will have a lot of examples, templates, frameworks, and workflow to get you started! As a result, you can write compelling and engaging copy, increasing your leads and income.

Can you export documents for Word?

Yes, you can download it as a Word document, or PDF and HTML file.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. The company gives a 14-day money-back promise to gain clients’ trust. So, if it doesn’t fit your needs or expectation, you can ask for a full refund within 14 days of the initial purchase.

Do I need any skills to get started?

No, not at all. The dashboard on the platform is intuitive and straightforward to use. As a result, anyone may use it to write sales copy easily. Moreover, you will find a tutorial next to each feature. They also feature a step-by-step wizard that will guide you through your writing process.

Furthermore, their customer service team is always available to assist you with any questions. To start using ClosersCopy, login, select a new project from the dashboard, and click on “new document” to create a document, which you may name. Then click “open” to begin writing and revising the copy.

How is ClosersCopy different from other copywriting tools?

A sales team is in charge of this company. As a result, they recognize the importance of time throughout a marketing effort. That is why they are committed to assisting you in creating sales copy for your products and services. ClosersCopy comes with an easy-to-use builder and a library of tried-and-true templates.

All you have to do is select a good template and provide some basic information about your company and products/services, and ClosersCopy will take care of the rest.

It’s also worth noting that the service includes keyword, spam, and copy analysis, all of which can help you improve your text and boost conversions.

Do I have to install something on Mac or PC?

You won’t need to install or download anything because the AI copywriting software is entirely cloud-based. Simply open your favorite browser and start using it!

Is there a ClosersCopy lifetime deal?

Yes. ClosersCopy is offering a one-time offer. There are no upsells or monthly fees with this offer. It is, however, only available for a limited time. If you don’t have a budget for it, you can look at their monthly plans, including various tools and services.

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ClosersCopy Review - My though after a year of use…
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