5 Day Lead Challenge Review: My Thought On Russell’s Challenge

5 Day Lead Challenge Review- My thought on Russell's Challenge

Welcome to this 5-Day Lead Challenge!

As an affiliate marketer and business owner, I was looking for a way to organically get more leads to my business. I knew that Russell Brunson is a legend in digital marketing.

One day, I received an email about the 5-Day Lead Challenge, and I simply opt-in! It was the perfect timing for me and my business, and I just grabbed the opportunity to develop new lead generation skills.

So, after following this challenge myself, I thought it would be great to share my experience with you. This challenge is terrific, truly! You get such valuable information inside and a completely new process to follow!

During this review, you will discover the challenge, the pros and cons, who the trainer is, what composed the challenge, and the pricing.

Let's start this 5-Day Lead Challenge review!

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What consist of the 5 Day Lead Challenge?

Let’s start this 5 Day Lead Challenge review!

The 5 Day Lead Challenge is an incredible resource for those looking to grow their businesses through lead generation. In just 5 days, you will learn precisely how to create a successful lead generation funnel through this free training.

Russell Brunson will explain all you need to know about lead generation and how to create your own system.

In any case, leads and email marketing are the backbones of any business, and you must not forget this aspect! But, we all know that generating quality leads can be difficult without a proven process…

Russell has developed this system over many years and is intended to help anyone — regardless of their experience level — create an effective lead generation campaign within just five days.

Russell Brunson’s challenge is an amazing opportunity to improve your skills at prospecting, generating leads, and growing your business, whether you’re an experienced marketer or just starting.

You’ll also hear from two guests, Rachel Miller and Yara Golden, who will share their experiences and insights into the world of digital marketing.

In short, you can generate an endless flow of new leads for your business in just 5 days!

Who can benefit from the 5 Day Lead Challenge?

It is designed for anyone looking to generate more leads, whether for affiliate marketing, network marketing, selling digital products or physical products, or even a brick-and-mortar store trying to produce qualified leads for their business and generate more sales.

This challenge may surely benefit you regardless of what type of product you are promoting or your niche.

In summary, if you have struggled to build a list of prospects and turn them into paying customers, this challenge is definitely for you.

5 Day Lead Challenge Pros and Cons

I’ve been following the 5 Day Lead Challenge for the last couple of weeks, and I will share my pros and cons with you so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is something you want to learn.


✅ If you follow what Russell Brunson teaches you, you will definitely increase leads and sales in a short period.

✅ You will understand the perfect framework and how to create an effective lead magnet to get tons of new leads through Facebook for free.

✅ During the course, you will be able to identify any weaknesses in your lead generation process and adjust if necessary.

✅ Russell shares with you its best strategy in a very educational way. You will get a lot of additional materials to help you! You will have access to pre-built funnels on ClickFunnels that you can start using. If you already use another funnel builder, you can simply model them.

✅ Additionally, you will get a complete step-by-step plan to follow to create a warm-up sequence to nurture your prospects and make them trust you.

✅ As a bonus, you can also access two free softwares, including Funnel Scripts and Email Copy Generator.


❌ If you want to use the pre-built funnels without further work, you will pay for ClickFunnels extra… (the first plan starts at $97 per month…). After all, the challenge is free, so they have to make money somehow…

❌ Unfortunately, ClickFunnels can be complicated to use, and it’s quite expensive… That’s why I suggest you use an alternative: Systeme io. It’s a FREE all-in-one alternative, so you can create your lead funnel and email sequence in the same place, which includes another cost to your business… I have written a complete review on Systeme io.

❌ Russell “pre-sales” quite sometimes the OFA challenge (cost $100) during the 5 Day Lead Challenge. During the OFA, he will give you valuable tips and tricks to build sales funnels in more detail. You’ll begin by learning the fundamentals of the sales funnel, such as how to define your target market and write sales copy that appeals to them. You’ll discover how to design effective landing pages that turn prospects into paying clients. Then, you will discover the Russell “Funnel Formula,” a proven formula to skyrocket your sales. If you want to improve your marketing and sales skills, this challenge is for you! I have reviewed this challenge here so you may learn more about it.

❌ If you are serious about growing your business and increasing your revenue, this challenge is worth trying out. You literally have nothing to lose… it’s free to join, and you’ll get access to outstanding frameworks and free software that automates copywriting.

❌ It has helped me grow my email list by 345% in the first month. So, if you are ready to take action and generate more leads, this challenge is for you.

5 day lead challenge logo
Grow Your Business In Only 5 Day

Generate unlimited leads and grow your business in just five days using proven strategies and techniques from the 5-Day Lead Challenge. The best part: this training is completely free to join!

5 Day Lead Challenge Coaches

As with any ClickFunnels programs, you will be taught by Russell Brunson mainly but he will be joined by two other speakers: Yara Golden and Rachel Miller.

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson
Russell Brunson

Russell is one of the co-founders of ClickFunnels, a funnel marketing software. He is considered as one of the most brilliant digital marketers and sales funnel experts.

Yara Golden

Yara Golden
Yara Golden

Yara Golden is a professional copywriter and storyteller. She specializes in writing story-based emails to build a relationship with your audience. She worked for ClickFunnels, Anchor Wave, and even Pawn Leaders.

You will be taught how to build a six-step follow-up funnel email sequence that will enable you to build better connections with your leads and raise the probability that they will make a purchase from you.

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller

Rachel is a 7-figure entrepreneur who has written several bestselling books. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build better marketing strategies and grow their businesses through content creation without spending a dime.

During the challenge, she will teach you how to get your funnel in front of your target audience without needing paid ads.

The 5 Day Lead Challenge: an insider overlook

The 5 Day Lead Challenge is designed to help you build your email list faster. This course includes everything you need to know about how to use it effectively.

Here’s an overview of what’s included in the 5 Day Lead Challenge when you join it.

  • Day 1: Unlimited Leads. Russell shows you his high-level strategy for generating consistent leads.
  • Day 2: Create your first lead magnet. You’ll learn to craft an irresistible lead magnet to entice people to give your their email address.
  • Day 3: Create an effective lead funnel. You’ll learn to design specific lead generation funnels for turning your prospects into leads.
  • Day 4: Create an appealing email follow-up sequence. You’ll learn how you can develop relationships with your leads and nurture their interest in your product.
  • Day 5: Launch your funnel. Here’s where you’ll learn how you can launch your funnels online.

Let’s dive into each day in detail.

Day 1: Generate unlimited leads

5 day lead challenge - day 1 - unlimited leads
Day 1 – unlimited leads

During this first day of the 5 Day Lead Challenge, Russell will share with you the exact strategy that ClickFunnels use to get many new leads daily. It’s the introduction of the challenge.

The aim here is to master the strategy behind it and learn how to use it properly. It’s essential to know precisely the basics before putting in the work. It is the only lecture day of the challenge, and all other days are practical, where you will have to implement the concepts.

You’ll be able to watch a tutorial video from Russell Brunson once he finishes his presentation on your Onepager homework. He explains the strategic concept behind this idea on Day 1. Still, he goes into detail, showing you exactly how to implement it using real examples from his own business.

This Onepager page will help you better understand and put the concept into work directly after the lesson. You can literally copy what he’s doing.

You will be amazed at how the high-level strategy you learned will work for any type of business.

Here are some topics you’ll learn from Russell during the first day of the Challenge: what are leads and how valuable is it for your business, the marketing math that excited Russell, and how he started to build his first email list.

At the end, he will give you a glimpse of what will happen in the next four days of the challenge.

Day 2: Creating your lead magnet

5 day lead challenge - day 2 - Creating your onepager lead magnet
Day 2 – Creating your “onepager” lead magnet

The second day of this challenge is to ensure that you clearly understand what type of person you want to target. You need to understand who is your dream customer and how to find them. Who are those people that are happy with your product or service and will always purchase it from you despite the price you charge, and where are they?

You will need to have a compelling lead magnet to attract your target leads. That’s exactly that Russell will show you how he captured more leads for his company, ClickFunnels.

To get people to sign up for your mailing lists, you need to create an Onepager that they will use as a lead-magnetic tool to collect their email addresses and contact details.

You can easily adapt this process to fit your needs and use it for your own purposes. You will also receive free software that helps you to create your OnePager easier, quickly, and effectively.

Day 3: Creating your simple lead funnel

5 day lead challenge - day 3 - your lead funnel
Day 3 – Your lead funnel

The third day is the creation of your lead funnel! In this video, Russell Brunson is going to dig into how to create a high-value “lead squeeze funnel” for your business.

The main concept of what he teaches in this lesson comes directly from his bestselling book “Dot Com Secrets.” Get it for free here (only charges shipping).

You must understand the value ladder to create a simple but effective lead funnel. At every single step, your lead must receive much value.

You will get access to the exact same funnel page that ClickFunnels is currently using. The aim here is to convert your target audience into valuable leads.

Your assignment for this third day is to create your two-step funnel composed of a squeeze page (the one where people give you their email address) and a thank you page (where people can download your lead magnet).

Of course, Russell recommends using ClickFunnels, but you can use any funnel builder. They all work the same way, and you just have to model the ones Russell gives you.

Moreover, you will have access to a lite version of Funnel Scripts. This software is designed to create compelling sales copy hassle-free! You can generate headlines, sales letters, or even an ad.

Day 4: Follow-Up Funnels (emails)

5 day lead challenge - day 4 - follow-up funnel
Day 4 – Follow-up funnels

Once you have the email address of your dream customers, it’s time to nurture them. The key is to create a relationship with your audience, and you have to build trust and credibility during this process.

In your welcome sequence, you can simply introduce yourself, tell them why they were right to sign up, and what they can expect from you…

On the fourth day, you’ll meet Yara, one of the best copywriters and storytellers on the market! You will learn how to create a 6-email sequence that builds a strong connection with your leads so they will be hyped to buy from you in the future.

It consists of six questions that help you and your prospects get to know each other better. She takes a real-life meeting and does the same during the email sequence. This creates a logical flow in your story and helps people understand why you think and act as you do.

In your assignment, Yara will give an example of her email sequence and bullet point to help you with your structure. Don’t worry if you are not good at writing emails or just starting! (Just like me before!) She will give you another software to help you with email copy.

Day 5: Launch Your Funnel (Traffic)

5 day lead challenge - day 5 - launch your funnel
Day 5 – Launch your funnel

For the last day of this 5 Day Lead Challenge, you will learn how to get traffic to your funnel! I think it’s one of the most crucial parts of the process… because if you don’t manage to get enough traffic, how do you get leads?

Rachel will be your teacher for this fifth day of the challenge. Thanks to her knowledge and experience, she will give you the 3 main sources of free traffic to get qualified leads:

  • Your Facebook profile: you will discover how to turn your profile into a dream client magnet.
  • Your Facebook page: you will find how to create an optimized page.
  • Facebook groups: there are one of the best sources and build connections with others.

In your assignment, Rachel will take you inside her Facebook tactics.

5 Day Lead Challenge pricing

Let me reveal to you the best part of the challenge! It’s totally free to join! I know it’s unbelievable, but you get all this valuable information completely for free.

5 day lead challenge logo
Grow Your Business In Only 5 Day

Generate unlimited leads and grow your business in just five days using proven strategies and techniques from the 5-Day Lead Challenge. The best part: this training is completely free to join!

Let’s wrap up this 5 Day Lead Challenge review.

In conclusion, this Russell Brunson’s challenge is a big asset in your online business. The 5 Day Lead Challenge is completely free to join, and you will get tons of leads in a short period if you are ready to put the necessary work in.

It’s a perfect challenge for beginners who don’t know about lead generation or even some advanced online entrepreneurs!

As I told you before, it has helped me grow my email list by 345% in the first month. So, if you are ready to take action and generate more leads, this challenge is for you.

5 Day Lead Challenge FAQs

How to generate new leads for my business?

There is a simple funnel with two steps to get leads. All you need is a squeeze page where you collect the email address and a thank you page where you give your lead magnet.

What’s a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free bonus you give in exchange for the email address of your dream customers. You need to provide value and answer to your audience’s pain points to have an attractive lead magnet.

It could be a checklist, an ebook, a case study…

Is a ClickFunnels account mandatory to take full advantage of the 5 Day Lead Challenge?

A ClickFunnels account is not mandatory, but if you want to use the pre-built template, you will have to get one. Otherwise, you can just model them in another funnel-building software like Systeme io.

What distinguish the 5 Day Lead Challenge from the One Funnel Away Challenge?

During the 5 Day Lead Challenge, you will discover how to build an email list from scratch in just 5 days.

During the One Funnel Away Challenge, you will learn to create a complete sales funnel from scratch in 30 days. It’s tailored for any niche and business type, and this challenge is perfect if you are a beginner searching for a way to start your online business quickly.

Check my full review on the One Funnel Away Challenge here.

Is the 5 Day Lead Challenge really worth it?

Absolutely yes! This challenge is a no-brainer; you get so much value inside and for free! You literally have nothing to lose!

How to get leads for your business in just 5 days
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